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PT. Sei Mitra Global the Company has been involved in the field of trade and production of several alternative energies ,common spices, and plantation. The company is found by Mr. Mulia, and Co Founder Mr. Rully Junaidi and Mr. Abdul Azis, who have capacities of knowledge of commercial trade and ability to facilitate local and international of buying companies, importers, and investors  to support a supply in the form of professional management.

From the small scale of transaction onto medium range, the Company we found, has performed outstanding experiences in enlarging market range, market opportunity, products / market research and performing in executing several business contracts, and finally to making the Company of PT. Sei Mitra Global (SMG) in position  as a reliable company among others.

Started in 2008 PT. Sei Mitra Global (SMG) has actively involved dealing with product and commodity of alternative energy fuel and spices from the sources of mostly places of Sumatra Island and all over Indonesia

From integrity of solid team and employees with a wide perspective who are part of the human resources of the company, PT. Sei Mitra Global has a vision to develop a clear distribution of product and material, from the extent of natural resources, reliable processing companies, exporter, and finally to our clients and prospective buying companies.

Impractical distribution concept found in local area to commercial execution of product and services, has caused implication to purchasing company and any other business practice to effort more in an inefficiency of unnecessary involving parties during transaction.

Being a reliable processing and trading company, PT. Sei Mitra Global (SMG) also make offer with an ease of payment term to its clients and buyers. The most common form of payment term is through involving commercial bank which also facilitate credits and guarantee between parties. In this form of transaction, most of importers and buyers are put into financially comfortable position.

Finally, seeing our business concept, goal and hope, we believe that all our business associates, legal cooperated, buyers, and all elements involved from management form, area of sources, business practice, and overseas companies have one vision, it’s to build a business entity and mutual benefit after all.

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